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5 Crystals for Transformation

Crystals are powerful conductors of energy with the ability to transform our lives. There are tons of different stones out there, all with their own special benefits.In this article, we are going to touch on the 5 crystals for total transformation. It doesn't matter what changes you are trying to bring into your life, these 5 crystals will easily help you on your journey, bringing comfort and positive change along the way.


Moldavite has taken the spotlight recently, and this is no coincidence. Some even refer to it as "The Holy Grail Stone" as it produces fast and rapid change. If you want incredible transformation in your life, Moldavite is the stone for you. Moldavite can easily ground us because of its deep connection to the Earth. It strengthens our intuition and psychic abilities, which is helpful when undergoing a radical transformation. This crystal can clear our auric fields and give us a clean slate when we go into a new period of life. Despite many people thinking that Moldavite is a dangerous stone, it's actually not dangerous. While its powers are strong, it will only bring forth positive change into your life.

When trying to transform your life, it's important to connect with your higher self. Our higher self can guide us to our true soul purpose. With Moldavite, connecting with your higher self becomes easier. Use Moldavite in your mediation sessions to connect deeper with your spirit team and higher self. Sometimes, when we are in a period of growth, we need spiritual guidance. Moldavite is great for connecting us to our spirit guides or beings who exist in a higher dimension. If you're looking for rapid transformation, Moldavite may be the best choice for you. Use this stone with caution because it can unlock memories that you may have forgotten about. Because Moldavite's popularity has surged in the recent year—and because there's a limited supply of Moldavite—it can be hard to come across. But no worries, we have four other stones to aid in transformation in your life.


One of the more unique stones, Tektite is a type of natural glass formed from ancient meteorites. Tektite is very connected to our awareness, and anyone who uses this stone will automatically expand their consciousness. Some have even said that Tektite can help facilitate inter-dimensional communication. If you are a lucid dreamer or looking to try it out, place a piece of Tektite on your nightstand. The stone will help you slip into that altered state easier and amplify your lucid dream experience. Also, Tektite is great for those that Astral Travel. Kick fear to the curb when you use Tektite. During your transformation, Tektite will work to alleviate stress, fear, and anxiety. This stone is great for anyone going through a spiritual awakening or looking to start theirs. Tektite will instill in you great wisdom and insight to navigate all that life throws at you. This crystal will work to increase your focus and provide you the knowledge to help you transform. Hold Tektite in the palm of your hand while doing breath work to hone in the intense transformational energy. 


The use of Amethyst dates back thousands of years ago. It was said to give the user innate wisdom and open their third eye. Today, Amethyst is still loved for its deep connection to spiritual insight. Transformation often happens when we are no longer happy with the path we're going down. During these periods, we need peace and confidence to better steer us in the right direction. Amethyst is a stone that promotes deep transformational energy; it gives us that peace while also allowing us to feel confident in our path.Going through a period of transformation can lead us to make life-changing decisions. Amethyst helps clear our minds from the useless chatter so we can better make those tough choices. It will open your mind to make clearer decisions and also give you courage. If you find yourself surrounded by people who give off negative energy, having a piece of Amethyst in your pocket can help ward off that unwanted energy. It works to cleanse your aura and energy space, making room for the positive and more uplifting energy you desire. 

Smokey Quartz 

Have you ever found yourself anxious because things around you are quickly changing? It happens to the best of us, and luckily Smokey Quartz is the ultimate stone to cure any fears of anxiety-ridden thoughts. It works to dissipate any fear-based thoughts and lift the stress off your shoulders. Smokey Quartz is also great for amplifying your intentions and manifestations. It will help you transform your life in the most positive ways by bringing you more of what you do want and leaving the rest behind. This stone will bring you more stability into your life, not only with material things but stability in your emotional state as well. If you find that you are unable to ground yourself during times of transformation, Smokey Quartz can help bring you back to reality. Meditate with it outside or wear it in a necklace when going for a walk. When you combine the grounding energy of Smokey Quartz with the healing energy of the Earth, you have the perfect antidote for success. 


If you're looking for a crystal that makes your period of transformation easier, look no further than Citrine. This is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to making internal and external changes within our life. Anything we want to manifest, whether it be finances, love, emotional stability, Citrine can help bring it to us. Citrine will cleanse the physical body from any pain or negativity that may be affecting you from transforming. In return, you will look at life from a more positive standpoint and be thankful for the lessons that have been thrown your way. Its golden-yellow hue will bring more joy and optimism into your life. This is especially important when undergoing deep transformation because feeling emotions of joy or happiness make the process easier. Citrine is the ideal crystal for artists or any type of creative. It will spark your imagination and strengthen your inner light. 

Choosing the right crystals for you 

There are different ways to choose the crystal you need, the best way is through your intuition. After going through this list (and browsing through each crystal), your intuition will likely pull you towards a specific one. When you feel that type of connection with a crystal, it's a sign that it's the one for you. You also don't need to limit yourself to just one crystal. You can incorporate many different crystals into your spiritual practice.

Using crystals for change

Going through times of transformation can be scary or intimidating. We often fill our heads with fear-based thought patterns or feel anxious in general. Whether you need a crystal to alleviate your stress, or simply want to manifest things quicker, these 5 crystals for transformation can check mark all those boxes.


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