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A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs during a full moon phase.This occurs when the Earth is positioned between the Moon & the Sun. The Earths shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon and creates either a full eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse or penumbral eclipse. During a full lunar eclipse, the moon will appear to be red or orange. When there is a partial eclipse there is a shadow over the moon, covering it partially. Lastly, during a penumbral eclipse the moon will dim slightly at the outer part, which can be easy to miss.

With any eclipse, the energy tends to be chaotic and powerful shifts in consciousness in addition to the entire collective can occur. It's important to be patient during this time and go within the depths of your soul, such as practicing shadow work. During a lunar eclipse it's important to let things run their courses and to release control. Otherwise, important revelations and lessons may be missed and you will have to repeat the same karmic cycles all over again.

Crystals can be your support system during a lunar eclipse as they can balance your emotions, provide you with clarity and give you extra energy boosts when you feel depleted. You can add crystals in your rituals or magickal workings during a lunar eclipse or you can keep it simple and use crystals to meditate or carry with you while your consciousness transitions into the next phase of your life. See our recommended crystals below...

*Vanadite :This crystal's properties vibrate with the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. It encourages you to express your ideas and desires more easily and it's extremely useful for boosting energy to flow through your mind and body. A lunar eclipse can bring negative habits to the surface and Vanadite is a great stone to use in removing them. With the shade of  the moon during an eclipse, Vanadite provides you with the will to power though difficult times that can come to the surface during this pivotal moon phase.

Serpentine: Serpentine helps you connect to your own energies fully, thus enabling you to face each and every emotion that can arise during a lunar eclipse. This crystal can also connect you to the natural world, meaning it will help keep you grounded during a lunar eclipse while being in tune with yourself. With unexpected "surprises" from a lunar eclipse, having Serpentine on deck can help you embrace any changes that may come your way. Keep in mind, change and having duality is a key aspect that enables us to evolve consciously. 

Hematite: A well-known grounding stone, Hematite is also known for drawing in good energy and helps heal and protect the physical body. As a meditation stone, it keeps you grounded and connects you to your physical body. As previously mentioned, lunar eclipse energies can be chaotic and at times disruptive. So you may need extra stability during this phase. Hematite is strongly associated to the Earth element and helps you connect to the magnetic energies from the ground. This stone also pushes you to acknowledge your shadow side and is a great tool to use while doing shadow work.

Moonstone: Moonstone is just what you would expect from a  stone associated with the moon. It encourages insight, especially into the self, as well as intuition. Most importantly, Moonstone illuminates "light" into the shadow's and gives you mental clarity and peace for the unknown. Since lunar eclipses bring forth changes, these changes don't always come to the surface which can cause feelings of uneasiness and anxiety. Moonstone helps your stay calm and allows you to be more patient with yourself and circumstances.

 *Vanadite contains lead so it is recommended to wash hands after handling this stone*

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