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Five Kitchen Herbs That Have Magical Properties

Herbal magic has been around for generations and used in many cultures around the world. Many religions and cultures use these herbs to protect themselves from negativity and bring abundance and prosperity into their lives. With the recognition of witchcraft being more commonly practiced, herbal magic has been making quite the comeback. Here are five kitchen herbs that have magical properties which you can easily find in your home or at the grocery store. These herbs can be used for other purposes besides seasoning your food!

SALT:  Purification and Protection

Salt has been used for magickal purposes for a millennia. Mostly for protection, cleansing and healing. Salt is also associated with abundance and many will choose to use salt with green foods in order to attract wealth into their lives. Some line salt along their doors or windows as a symbol of protection and to ward off negativity. Salt can also be used in sigil work, meaning you can create a sigil with salt for a particular magical working.

ROSEMARY: "All Purpose Herb"

Rosemary is like the clear quartz of herbs due to its multiple uses. Many use this herb as a replacement for herbs that they may be missing for spells. Some plant rosemary outside of the front door of their house for protection. Likewise, many use rosemary bundles to cleanse their homes (similar to white sage) and some will wear rosemary before a big exam or test to improve memory and manifest success. Rosemary can also be used in dream pillows to prevent nightmares and promote restful sleep.

BASIL: Money, Purification, Love, Protection 

People will often wear Basil on them when they are seeking love. In the past,  many women would gift Basil to those they wanted to marry as a token of their commitment. Basil is also commonly used in purification and money magic. Sprinkling Basil outside your business is known for attracting financial success in addition to bringing in good fortune. You can put some Basil along with any green colored crystal chips into a spell bottle and carry it with you or wear it as a necklace to manifest abundance.

BAY LEAVES: Wishes, Manifestation and Spell Work

Bay leaves have many great uses in your magical workings. Burning a Bay Leaf can cleanse the energy of your room and any negative and stagnant energy. Likewise, many use the herb to communicate their wishes to a higher power to manifest their desires. You can write your wishes on Bay leaves and burn the leaves to send your desires to the "universe". The ash from the burnt Bay leaves can also be used in spell bottle workings. Use a cauldron to safely burn the leaves and to collect the ash.

STAR ANISE: Increase Psychic Awareness

Star anise can primarily be burned as incense, using charcoal and a fire safe burner, to increase psychic awareness and abilities. Star anise makes a great offering that you can give to a specific deity, god/goddess, or being that you work with. Star anise can also be used in protection while doing spell work to ward off anything that isn't from the light.

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