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How to Program You Crystals

Every crystal has individual intentions that are unique to it. Each stone will have emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits that you may want to tap into. To reap the benefits of your crystal’s intentions, you need to charge the stone with energy from you or another crystal with a high vibrational energy, such as selenite. Crystals should be reprogrammed whenever you feel their energy waning. If you are having trouble feeling the energy of your stones a good rule is to charge and cleanse your crystals with the moon cycle. The moon is a very useful tool in charging your stones because it possesses the energy to help amplify your intentions. The three most common ways to program your crystals are with the help of selenite, with your own energy, or with the energy of a full moon.

Use Selenite to Program Crystals

The first method of programing your crystals is to use selenite. The first step is to cleanse your stone. The safest ways the cleanse your stone without damage is to use smoke. Light an incense stick and allow the smoke to curl around your crystal. While you are cleansing with smoke, speak your intentions aloud that any negativity is no longer welcome here. Your crystals had a long journey before they came to you, it is important to cleanse your stones before programing them because you want to ensure it is your energy alone with your crystal. After your crystal is cleansed focus on the intentions it is used for. For example, if you were to charge a rose quartz tumble, you would focus on the intentions of love, releasing stress, and forgiveness. Hold your stone during this time and focus on the intentions. You may also want to jot down these intentions or even say them out loud. After you have meditated with your stone, place it on your selenite. Let your stone charge on the selenite until you feel a shift in the energy. If you are still learning how to feel energy, overnight is an ample amount of time for your stone to charge.

Personal Energy to Program Crystals

The second method for programing your stones is to use your personal energy. This is one of our favorite method because it allows you to bond with your crystals. The first thing you are going to do is repeat the cleansing steps of the first method. After your stone is cleansed, you are now able to charge it with your specific intention. For this method, when you are holding your stone, you are going to focus on pushing your energy into it. Focus on the intentions of the stone. Say them into the universe. We receive energy through our left hand and give it through our right. By cupping the stone between your hands, you can create a loop of energy between the stone. You are giving the stone your energy and in return it will give you the energy of the intentions it is used for. This method does not require anything more than you and your crystal, so it is great for situations where you might not have access to your spiritual space but still need a little boost of energy. This method can be repeated as your feel needed. If you are unsure if your crystal needs to be charged once a month with the moon cycles is a perfect way to keep track.

Full Moon to Program Crystals

The third method for programing your crystals is to charge them under the full moon. The full moon is a great time to examine the events of the current moon cycle and gives you the insight to choose which crystals you will need for the next. To charge your crystals under the full moon, the first thing you need to do is cleanse them. After they are cleansed, you are going to bring you crystals outside in the moonlight, weather permitting. Spend some time with your crystals outside. Take a moment to meditate on their intentions and focus on what you want to bring into your life during the following month. When you are done, bring you stones back inside and utilize them how you usually would. This method can only be used monthly, as the moon goes through its cycle every 28 days. If you feel your crystals need an extra charge when the moon is waning or waxing, try out one of these other methods to get a boost in your crystal’s energy.

Programming Your Crystals

These three methods can be used together or separately. Try them out and figure out which one works best for you. Maybe you will find yourself enjoying a combination of all three. The more you work with your crystals and try to feel the energy of your stones, the easier it will be to tell when they need their intentions charged. The journey with your crystals is a very personal one, through trial you will be able to discover how you prefer to work with stones.

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Toni Tolbert

Toni Tolbert

I was always told to cleanse my crystals with salt then. charge then by the sun or my energy. Is this not right.
Thank you

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