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Which Sage is Best to Use?

The most common type of sage for smudging is white sage. You can recognize it by its long and broad leaves, which make it very easy to burn. Another type of sage you might come across is "common Sage." The leaves are smaller, so it's best to keep them wrapped in bundles when burning them. Common sage is also for culinary purposes, such as making tea or cooking. You'll often find this ingredient in your savory holiday dishes.

Benefits of Sage

Sage can elevate your spiritual connection while boosting your intuition. It clears your space of any negative or heavy energy and is perfect for doing rituals. If you love crystals, use sage to clear them of any lingering and stagnant energies they may have accumulated. You can cleanse other objects as well, such as jewelry, your personal place, and items you bring home from the store. Additionally, science has shown that smoke from sage can eliminate bacteria in the air, serving as both a spiritual and practical purpose.

House Blessing Ritual with Sage

Sage is used for cleansing your space before rituals, magic, or manifestation work. It's essential to clear the energy in your area before any spiritual practices. Negative energies can dampen the effects and cause a lack of focus. Try this in-depth sage cleansing ritual to elevate your space.


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  • An optional first step is to tidy the space you're cleansing. Negative energy can become trapped in clutter. Creating a tidy space can help the room feel lighter for your ritual or magic work
  • Play music that makes you feel grounded and spiritually connected. Not only does good music raise your vibration, but it also helps shake up any "stuck" energies that you don't want around so that it's easier to clear out
  • Open all windows and doors if the weather permits. This serves as two purposes. First, it prevents a buildup of smoke in the room, making it uncomfortable to breathe. Second, it allows negative energies to have a way to leave your space. Even opening a small window or cracking the door will suffice.
  • Light your sage. Make sure to have your fireproof bowl or dish handy to catch any fallen ash or embers. It might take a while for the sage to begin to create smoke. Be patient and work carefully! You can light the entire bundle or break it apart and light individual leaves.
  • Once your sage is creating adequate smoke, begin cleansing your home. Starting at the front of the room, walk in a counter-clockwise circle with your sage. Speaking out loud, telling all negative energies to leave your space. While moving throughout the room, make sure to get the smoke in the corners and difficult to reach places
  • Once you've made a complete circle around your room, walk in a clockwise direction, welcoming any positive and helpful energies into your newly cleared space
  • Repeat this process throughout the other rooms in your home. I find that moving counter-clockwise throughout the entire house and then clockwise back to where I started works well. But do what feels right to you

Note: When you're done, it's important to ensure the sage is completely extinguished to prevent a fire hazard. Lit embers can remain inside the bundle and can be hard to see. If the bundle is still smoking when you're finished, place the sage on a fire-safe plate and place a bowl on top to ensure the bundle is fully extinguished.

What Should You Say When Using Sage?

Ultimately, it's best to speak from the heart when cleansing your space. Before you begin the ritual, you can meditate and think about what you need at the moment. Once you've settled on your intention, you can allow the words to flow from your spirit. However, it's easy to overthink this process if you've never done it before. If you find this to be an issue, you can use the following mantras:

Cleansing Your Space

"I cleanse this space of any negative, unhelpful, or stagnant energies. I ask that my home, body, and spirit be cleansed and purified. I command that any energies not of my highest good leave through these open windows and doors. Thank you."

Welcoming Energy

"With love, kindness, and joy, I welcome all positive, beautiful, radiant, and abundant energies into my space. I welcome my loving ancestors [or any other deities you may be working with] into my home so that you may bless this space and the work I do here. Thank you."

Remember, these are just examples of what you can say while using sage. The possibilities are endless. Use your intuition and say what feels best for you.

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Sage only excites and gets the attention of spirits. Best to use Cedar or Lavender to calm them or Salo Panto to repel negativity. Cleansing with Sage only stirs the energy. It is best to open windows and/or doors to give the energy a place to flow instead of swirling.
May you walk in beauty.

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