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Singing bowls have been around for thousands of years. Once you have learned how to play your singing bowl you will have instant relaxation and healing at your fingertips. Singing bowls come in all sizes and whether you get a crystal or a metal bowl is entirely down to your personal preference. Singing bowls are a great addition to your collection of holistic or alternative healing aids, along with crystals, oil, incense and more!

Singing Bowls and Sound Healing

Sound healing, also referred to as sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Gongs, tingsha, tuning forks and drums are amongst the tools used practice the art of sound healing. Sound healing works on the premise that everything in the known universe is in a state of constant motion. This includes the human body as well as the mind; thoughts and emotions. The way to achieve optimum well-being is to ensure that all aspects of the individual are vibrating at the rate of frequency that is required for good health. When the body's vibrational filed is out of balance, disease and illness can occur.

Sound therapy works by clearing away blocked energies through the vibrational force of sound waves. Each organ has a healthy frequency at which is needs to vibrate in order to remain in balance. Singing bowls are used to cleanse and clear the aura and to disperse negative or blocked energies. People report  a range of benefits after a singing bowl healing session. Below are just a few of the most commonly reported effects:

  • Relaxation of the physical body
  • Easing of tension in muscles
  • Easing of pain in various areas of the body
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Alleviation of anxiety
  • Restoration of the ability to enjoy life
  • Greatly improved sleep
  • Alleviation of mental and physical exhaustion.

Crystal Singing Bowls (shop here)

Crystal singing bowls are made from crushed Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz absorbs, amplifies and stores energy and cleanses negative vibrations. Crystal singing bowls can also be purchased to align with each of the seven Chakras points, independently. For instance, a Rose Quartz singing bowl is attuned to the Heart Chakra and vibrates at the note of F on the musical scale. The color pink is associated with this Chakra, along with green, so a crystal bowl made in these colors would be useful to your Heart Chakra. Crystal bowls also come in other colors associated with a specific Chakras and they are attuned to vibrate at the required frequency to keep that Chakra activated. However, Clear Quartz carries all of the colors of the spectrum and can therefore be used to heal all of the energy centers of the etheric body. A brief overview of Chakra colors and corresponding notes is given below:

Tibetan Singing Bowls (shop here)

These singing bowls are made from metals and produced using traditional methods. Typically, Tibetan singing bowls must be made from the ancient formula known as panchaloga, a Sanskrit word meaning a combination of the five metal alloys including copper, zinc, iron and traces of gold and silver. Tibetan singing bowls are more robust than the more delicate crystal ones and can tolerate a lot more handling.

Another good reason for choosing a metal bowl is that they produce multiple harmonic tones. These tones are very calming, uplifting and mood enhancing. Crystal bowls can only produce a single tone, which is needed when you want to focus the sound energy on a specific area

Practice and Play

You do not need to have any form of musical background in order to play a singing bowl, but you do need to be willing to relax your body and your mind in order to get the outcome you want from it. Keep your wrists and fingers relaxed as you use the "striker" to gently stroke around the rim of the bowl. Avoid using too much pressure and hold the bowl on the fingertips of the other hand in order to allow the sound to travel more easily. The more you practice and play with the bowl the more familiar it will become to you, and the more you will relax and enjoy the experience.

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