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Did you know that you can enhance your Tarot readings by using an Oracle deck as well? Certain tarot decks will have an Oracle counterpart that are made by the same artist. If you don’t have a matching Oracle and Tarot deck set, you can use whatever decks you resonate with. By using an Oracle deck with your Tarot reading you are going to receive clearer answers, build a better connection with your spirit guides, and build your intuition by working with different types of cards at once.

To begin, shuffle both decks like you would for a single deck reading. Split the cards into three piles and pick a pile from each deck that resonates with you. After you have chosen your piles start with a three-card reading to help you adjust to reading with two decks. Pull a card from each of the decks to represent your past, present, and future. If you have a good bond with your deck, you will see a correspondence between the Tarot card and the Oracle card. Before consulting any outside sources, use your intuition to help you decipher the true meanings of the cards.

While at first it may seem that there may not be a connection between the two cards you pulled, there may be a deeper, more hidden meaning being shown to you. If you are having a hard time deciphering the meanings of the cards give it some time. Do not be so quick to pull new cards. Working with two decks can be challenging at first, but the insight you will uncover will be very rewarding.

Journal and contemplate on the cards you have pulled, if it is truly meant for you, your guides will bring you understanding. If you truly do not resonate with the cards you have pulled, reshuffle and try again! When you are reading cards, you are constantly gaining more knowledge for the craft, so try out this technique during your next reading!

If you are a beginner in Tarot/Oracle Divination, we have some great books that will help you start your Divination journey!

While we strongly encourage you to choose an Oracle deck that resonates with your soul, we have Oracle decks that are our Spirit Family favorites. Take a look and see if these decks will spark an interest!

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