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Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Crystals are used as healing tools to bring back balance to a person’s overall well bring on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Dating back to ancient times, crystals have appeared in various folklore's and historical scripts as energy sources. Healing crystals help remove energy blockages in the body, in addition to providing relief from certain emotional imbalances such as stress and anxiety.

Everything in this universe holds an energy field around it. We also hold an energy field within us which gets altered based on what thoughts are we thinking or what emotional state we are in. There are hundreds of healing crystals with different energy frequencies and each is used for a different purpose. From Amethyst to Zincite crystals, the whole alphabetic range has crystals with healing properties for different energy imbalances.  No matter what problems are being faced by you, there is a healing crystal for it.

So, how do crystals balance out anxiety and stress? The energy waves of a healing crystal pulse through the body, correcting the emotional and mental imbalance associated with stress and anxiety. The particular resonance and vibrations that cause cellular movements are interacting and generating powerful energy that moves through the entire body. Think of it as a magnet pulling out all your stress, worries and anxieties. Here you will find the best healing crystals to use to sooth anxiety and stress.


Amethyst holds a calming energy and it can remove the pessimistic chatter inside your head making you feel calm and relaxed. Lack of calmness and relaxation is what triggers the majority of the stress and mental imbalances. This is why it is also known as a purpose crystal.


Citrine ensures that you are wrapped in warmth, clarity, optimism and good thoughts. Anxiety is triggered by worries, emotions, tension, panic and many similar things. When you worry, you only think about the negative outcomes of situations. This eventually makes you impulsive which can lead to panic attacks and hypertension. Citrine elevates the optimism in a person and helps focus and hold on to hope and positive thoughts. This results in eliminating pessimistic thoughts and low feelings.


Rhodonite is a crystal of compassion and heals you with love. It removes all past scars and trouble that you may have. It reserves a space for past wounds to heal and coats your soul with self-love and compassion.


Celestite crystals hold a higher power that resonates with the frequencies of the angelic realm. This crystal could establish the broken connection with the higher spirit and self. Along with this, Celestine can calm a chaotic mind that triggers anxiety, by blessing you with divine frequency.

From the moment you get your hands on these crystals and stay in their vibrational influence, you will feel a change in your life. Whatever stress or anxiety related problems you have in your life, these healing crystals are a one stop solution for all of it. 

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