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Crystals occur in many shapes and sizes and can be cut, polished, tumbled and otherwise shaped by humans to suit their purposes, whether this is as a crystal for jewellery or as a carved amulet, talisman or other artifact. There are also a wide variety of naturally occurring shapes and each one carries with it slightly different properties.

Here we will look at some of the shapes and consider their meanings, properties and how to use them. Knowing the properties of different crystal shapes and forms can help you to harness their power and use them in the most effective way for your purposes.

Spheres (shop here)

Spheres or balls are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and may have flaws or imperfections within them, which only adds to their charm and their usefulness in scrying. Seers gaze into the sphere and interpret the fluctuations in patterns according to their intuition and the influences at play during the scrying. Spheres emit energy in all directions and are said to move energy through time to the both the past and the future.

Points (shop here)

This shape can be used to both attract and to repel energy when used as part of a healing or manifestation grid. There are normally six facets in a point, which equate to the six chakras from Base to Third Eye. The termination point represents the Crown chakra and its link to the infinite. If you wish to concentrate energy in a specific space you can place a series of points, positioned to the area where you need the positive or healing energy most. You can use them to repel negative or unwanted energies from your space or aura by placing them with the tips pointing outwards and away. 

Double Terminated (shop here)

Double terminated crystals have definite points at both ends. They both absorb and emit energy simultaneously and can be used in healing or chakra balancing to direct positive vibrations where they are needed and to draw off and dispel unwanted energies into the atmosphere. Double terminations channel energy in two directions at once, making them a good choice for healing grids when you want to keep the energy flowing continuously through the stones within the grid.

Flames (shop here)

Crystal flames are carved into the shapes of the flames. Meditating with a flame crystal can bring you a stronger connection to your own inner fire, both of the heart and the sexual organs. Some healers use flame shaped crystal to raise Kundalini energy from the base of the spine up through the chakras to the Crown. Kundalini energy is all about passion and an enthusiasm for life. It can be motivating and inspiring when raised in the appropriate way. You can use flame crystals in meditation to help you to beat procrastination and to promote motivation.

Tumbled Stones (shop here)

Tumbled stones have a smooth feel, are pleasant to hold and to wear and good to look at. You will find them in a wide variety of sizes. Owing to the portable nature of tumbled stones it is easy to carry a collection of them with you depending on the energies you want to work with on any particular occasion. Tumbled specimens of darker colored stones, such as Obsidian, Hematite and Black Tourmaline can be combined to provide grounding energy when you feel that your thoughts are scattered. They also bring a deep sense of security and safety by anchoring your energies down through your Base chakra and into the Earth, so this combination of tumbled stones would be an excellent choice for anyone going through periods of anxiety or emotional turbulence.

Geodes (shop here)

When the rock is opened it reveals a wonderful crystal "cave" within it hollow, with many points of crystals all pointing inwards Geodes hold and amplify  and are also believed to help with addiction, releasing it more slowly than a cluster or point. They are useful for spiritual protection and growth and are believed to be of help to addictive or overindulgent personalities owing to their slow release action.

The shapes you choose for your crystals are always going to be personal, so keep an open mind, trust your intuition and enjoy the process of tuning in and choosing. Remember, also, that your needs will change, as well as your tastes, so it is always a good idea to keep revisiting your favorite crystal store.



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