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The Full Moon is a great time for manifestations, growth, spiritual development and much more as it's the most potent time in the Lunar phase. It's a good idea to harness this energy and use it for your benefit, with the help of some healing crystals. As we know, healing crystals amplify and aide us in many ways so why not incorporate them into the most powerful Lunar phase of the month.

Crystals for Full Moon Energy

  • Obsidian: great for blocking out any negativity by creating a barrier around yourself and your aura. If you are doing any magickal ritual or working, this is a great stone to have on hand. Obsidian also helps you release any emotional and physical blockages that are holding you back from achieving your desires
  • Citrine: looking to enhance your creativity and concentration during a Full Moon cycle? Citrine is great for visualization and attracts positive and uplifting vibes into all aspects of your life. Citrine also helps your heart align with your deepest desires so that you goals can come to fruition faster
  • Fluorite: the Full Moon can bring confusion and certain aspects in your life can seen to be "foggy". This is completely normal during this cycle and things that were hidden beneath the surface can start to come into the light. Fluorite is a good balancing stone that helps alleviate one from conflicting thoughts
  • White Opal: has the ability to release harsh emotions such as anger, depression and anxiety. If you have been accumulating these feelings during the previous Lunar cycle, the Full Moon marks a great opportunity for you to finally let go of old burdens.
  • Clear Quartz: will add power and amplification to any ritual, working and any other crystal you use during the Full Moon. Additionally, Clear Quartz will cleanse your space, your aura and any tool you use during the Full Moon phase


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I absolutely love this store and want to get into my spiritual self, I literally wanna work here and help people also, so in love❤️.

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