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Healing crystals hold specific vibrations that can help us manifest our deepest desires, depending on what our intentions are. We have curated a list of healing crystals that are our TOP go to's when manifesting wealth and abundance. These include: Lapis, Desert Rose, Chrysoberyl and Pyrite.

Lapis is a beautiful blue stone that was once only a stone for royalty. So you imagine why only the Elite class would have this stone in their possession. Lapis is great for enabling you to think of creative ways to solve any financial problems. Lapis is also a great stone to have in your household as it attracts money. Our recommendations is to put lapis in your office, where the bills are typically handled or by your front door.

Desert Rose is a unique stone in it's entirety as it's formed from wet sand that crystalizes over time. In Chinese Feng Shui, Desert Rose represents fertility; in a monetary aspect and abundance. The more "swollen" the Desert Rose looks, the more prosperity will come into your life. It will bring prosperity to your business and give you confidence in your decision-making and will remove any blockages

Chrysoberyl opens you up to your inner power and the world of possibilities. This stone is great for activating your Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) and unlocking your full potential which leads to wealth and financial gain. Carry a tumbled Chrysoberyl on your person to raise your vibration so that you can effectively manifest wealth.

Pyrite is an Spirit Family favorite! Pyrite has a close resemblance to gold, which makes it a great energetic conductor for abundance. Pyrite is a great stone when it comes to cultivating prosperity and it's a great stone to work with if you want to develop an abundance mindset and welcome more wealth. Placing Pyrite in your office, work space or front door welcomes in wealth.

These abundance crystals come in many forms such as tumbled stones, points, spheres, double terminated points, palm stones, carvings, flames and many more. While you can easily carry these stones on your person for daily mindfulness, you can also use these healing crystals to decorate and Feng Shui your space, as mentioned above. Additionally, these crystals can be used to create crystal grids for manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance as well as using them in your magickal workings and spells.

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