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Fall is right around the corner so that means that back to school season is as well! As summer comes to a close, many students spend the weeks before school preparing for their upcoming school year. This means getting new school supplies and clothing. But, students may be missing one very valuable school supply; healing crystals!

Healing crystals serve many purposes from aiding in emotional healing to manifesting your intentions. Some crystals have properties that can promote focus, help with memory, and aid in anxiety. Overall, these are all great properties that can help a student thrive in the classroom. These crystals can be kept in a student's locker, backpack, or pocket as they do about their day.


Sodalite: Works primarily with the third eye chakra. This means that this particular crystal can work  to clear distractions from your mind and promote deep focus. Sodalite is also commonly used for its calming energies, meaning that this stone is a great stone to have around to feel calm and grounded in times of stress.

Amethyst:  Is great for those with anxiety and helps with emotional healing. This crystal has been known to aid in the release of worry. Amethyst can also be found carved in the shape of a smooth worry stone. A worry stone has a small indent and a smooth surface, making it the perfect stone to carry around and fidget with in times of worry. 

Carnelian: This stone is popular on the social media app Tik Tok for a reason! This stone is a great stone for motivation and energy. Wear Carnelian on a daily basis for an energy boost and a free flow of energy.

Black Tourmaline: The crystal for protection. No matter where you are, it is important to feel safe. Black Tourmaline dispels negative energy especially from others who radiate it and repels these energies from our aura and personal space

Fluorite: An amazing crystal for concentration and is an excellent learning aid to help students stay on track. Not to mention, Fluorite is also a great stone for stress relief. Our brains function at their best when they are free of stress, making this stone a great stone to keep on you during the school year.


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