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Your altar space should be sacred and personalized to what you practice and believe in. While there are a few staple pieces that should be within each altar, this space is truly limitless and the "world is your oyster". Remember, you don't need to have an extravagant space to create your altar. It can be a small section in one of your spaces, your bedside table, window sill or any other space that calls to you. Altar decorations include anything from healing crystals, figurines representing your Deity, herbs, candles, spell bottles, elements from your environment (bones, sticks, seashells) and everything in between. Here are some of our suggestions in creating a beautiful altar space.

Start by placing an altar cloth or any other fabric that is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. This is to designate a particular space as your altar. Add in some healing crystals such as Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Selenite & Amethyst. These crystals will amplify your magickal workings, protect you when you doing spell work, channel in different energies and cleanse you area from any stagnant energies.

Add in some of your favorite Gods/Goddess/Deities and you work with or even your spirit animals! If you are into whimsical energies of working with Fae and Dragon's, feel free to adorn your altar with these as well. Adding in figurines that mean something to you, enhance the magickal properties of your altar and truly make it unique to you.

If you use healing crystals in your practice whether it's for manifestation, meditation, enlightenment, spirituality and other aspects; having a crystal grid on hand is a great idea. Crystal grids can also me created by using selenite charging plates, as they will not only cleanse your crystals but amplify their potency as well.

Candles are a must have for any altar as they not only set the mood but can also be used in spells, meditation, rituals and other workings. Spell candles are a great staple as they are come in a wide variety of colors, intended for specific intentions. Adding in Chakra candles is great when you want to balance and work with a certain Chakra point. Use your imagination!

Remember to have fun with this process. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your altar space! This should be a clear representation of your uniqueness and personality. You can add in anything that you want!  Browse our Home Decor collection for some great pieces to add to your altar. Who say's you can't use a table for you altar space ;).


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