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How to Use Candles for Candle Magic

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is the art of manifestation or return of energy using candles. It may sometimes involve oils, herbs, and incense to complete different rituals or spells. Candle magic can be found in all parts of the world through many different backgrounds of magical practices. While you may think you have little or no experience with candle magic, if you have ever wished on a birthday candle you most definitely do! Candle magic can be as simple as making a wish over a specific-colored candle to bring it to reality. There are other things you can do while performing candle rituals such as cleansing your space and your tools, dressing your candle with oils and herbs and incorporating crystals or other items as offerings with your candles.

How to Choose a Candle

When choosing a candle, it is best to work off color magic. Different colors have different correspondences such as:

Choose a candle that works best with your intentions. For manifesting money, you would want to use a green or gold candle to attract wealth and abundance.

How to dress your candles

To dress your candles, you want to start off by cleansing them. Our favorite way to cleanse is with one of our favorite incense scents such as the Sage and Santo sticks from Wildberry or the HEM Dragon’s Blood incense sticks. To cleanse your candles bathe them in the smoke of the incense. During this time, cleanse any other items that you are using. After your items are cleansed you can be begin to dress your candles with the oil that corresponds with your needs. For example, if you are drawing in money try an oil specifically made for that intention, such as our money drawing oil. Take your candle in your hand and rub the oil clockwise to draw in energy to you and counterclockwise to send a certain energy away from you.  After if you have any specific herbs that match your intention, you can cover your candle with them. Roll your candle through your herbs that match your intention, they should stick to the candle after it is covered in the oil. If doing a money ritual try Golden Seal Root or our Quick Money Herbal Blend.  Check out our video on dressing a return to sender candle.

Check out our video on dressing a return to sender candle here.

Different Types of Candles

Some candles come with pre-charged intentions such as our Crystal Journey Candles and our Shaman’s Dawn Candles. These candles will often come with a saying or phrase for you to use during your ritual. Other candles will come plain in a few different forms. The most popular are jars, chimes, and pillars. Jars are a great choice for those who do not want wax to drip everywhere, but for others, wax is a very important part of seeing if the ritual they did was successful. For those looking to get into wax reading, pillars and chimes may be your best option. Pillars, especially large ones, can be great for rituals that need to take place over multiple days. The candle can be re-lit to continue the ritual beyond its first day. Chimes and votives, on the other hand, are great for quick rituals. These small candles have a much shorter burn time than their larger companions, making their intentions come to fruition in a much quicker manner. 


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