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Tuning forks play a big factor in sound therapy and have been around for hundreds of year and utilized by many different cultures. Tuning forks produce sounds at a given vibrational frequency. A tuning fork can be tuned with a frequency and vibration of a specific chakra point or hertz frequency in order to internally balance the body. Tuning forks can return the body back to an equilibrium by creating a "resonance" throughout our own vibrational frequencies which bring us back to harmony. Working with the nervous system, tissues and muscles, tuning forks can offer long-term relaxation benefits.

The tuning fork is typically struck with a mallet and then applied to specific acupressure point, chakra point, pain point or any other area of concern. Comparable to acupuncture, but without the needles, tuning forks aide in the release of tension while moving stagnant energy. Simply, strike the tuning fork with the mallet and hold it over that specific point as it vibrates. You should be able to feel faint vibrational "surges" going through your body. This is completely normal, as your body is aligning to the frequencies of that specific vibration. Let the healing begin!

Chakra forks are great to balance and restore harmony to a specific chakra point and any ailments that are connected to that point. Each Chakra point is associated with a particular location on the body so it's important when healing with Chakra tuning forks to place the tuning fork on that specific location for optimal results. For instance, if you are experiencing fear, you would work with the Root Chakra point as it is tied to the physical grounding of the body. The tuning fork should be placed at the base of the spine. See below our guide to Chakra points.

  • Root Chakra: physical body, grounding - located at the base of the spine and is associated with adrenal glands, spinal column, leg bones
  • Sacral Chakra: sexuality, creativity, emotions - located at the sex organs and is associated with reproductive system, spleen and bladder
  • Solar Plexus: intellect, personal power, self-esteem, prosperity - located in middle of stomach and is associated with pancreas, liver, digestive tract, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, and automatic nervous system
  • Heart: emotional well being, compassion, unconditional love - located in the middle of the chest and is associated with thymus gland, heart, lower side of lungs, circulatory system, skin, and hands
  • Throat: creativity, truth, expression, communication - located at the throat and is associated with the thyroid gland, throat, jaw, lungs, vocal cords, and digestive tract
  • Third Eye: intuition, psychic abilities, manifestation - located in middle of forehead and is associated with pituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, and central nervous system
  • Crown: spirit, "oneness", connection to Divine - located at top of the head and is associated with pineal gland, upper brain, and right eye

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