Hand Hammered Brass Singing Bowl - Note A (Third Eye)

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Dimensions: 7"

Weight apprx: 795G

Note A - Third Eye

A singing bowls "sings" when you strike the edge of the bowl with the mallet and run it around the edge, producing highly energized vibrations, tones, and rhythms. These frequencies work in conjunction with the brain waves to induce deep meditation, deep relaxation, regeneration, and to relieve pain.

A third eye singing bowl is a distinctive sound therapy tool intricately connected to the third eye chakra, a hub of intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. Crafted from materials like brass and copper, this specialized bowl produces resonant and calming tones when gently played or struck. The vibrations generated by the third eye singing bowl transcend sound, creating a transformative and immersive experience that resonates throughout the body and spirit. Embraced in meditation, energy healing, and relaxation practices, the bowl's melodies encourage inner wisdom, foster spiritual connection, and facilitate a deeper exploration of consciousness. As its tones resonate, they are believed to harmonize the third eye chakra's energy, promoting clarity of thought and insight while encouraging a balanced perception of the world. While individual experiences may differ, the third eye singing bowl offers a unique avenue to explore the interplay between sound, energy, and the cultivation of heightened awareness and spiritual insight

Wooden mallet 

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