Earth Mother Lilith Pewter Necklace

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Handmade pewter pendant on cord. Comes on a card stock filled with information on a specific pendant in order to aide you in channeling Mother Gaia energy.

Lilith is associated with autonomy and defiance. In some interpretations, she is considered the original independent woman who refused to submit to male authority, even in the Garden of Eden. This symbolism is often celebrated by those who value individuality and the rejection of oppressive social structures.

Lilith is also linked to themes of sexuality and sensuality. Her portrayal as a seductive and alluring figure speaks to the acknowledgment of desire and passion as natural and empowering facets of human experience. This symbolism can resonate with those who embrace their own sensuality and view it as a source of strength.

Lilith's connection to the night, darkness, and the moon adds a mystical dimension to her symbolism. She embodies the mysteries of the night and the unseen, making her a symbol of intuition, the unconscious, and the hidden aspects of existence.

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