Reiki Infused Black Cat Protection Pillar Candle

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Dimensions: 1" x 6"

A black cat protection candle is a powerful and symbolic tool in the realm of spiritual and magical practices. In many cultures and traditions, black cats are often associated with mysticism and protection against negative energies. Lighting a black cat protection candle is believed to invoke the cat's inherent qualities of intuition, independence, and mystery to shield you from harm and negative influences.

As the candle burns, it releases energy and intentions into the universe, forming a protective barrier around you. The black color of the candle is not meant to symbolize darkness or malevolence, but rather to absorb and transmute negative energies into positive ones, much like how a black cat is said to absorb negative energy with its presence. This candle is often used for banishing, warding off negativity, and creating a sense of security.

Herbal Magic candles are reiki-infused and scented.
Approximate burn time is 50-60 hours
Dimensions: 1.25x7.25 inches

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