Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Dimensions: 12"

The Sacred Heart of Jesus holds a central and deeply revered place in Catholic and Christian devotion. It is a symbol that encapsulates the profound love, compassion, and mercy of Jesus Christ. Often depicted as a heart surrounded by a crown of thorns, aflame with divine love, and pierced, the image signifies Christ's sacrificial love for humanity. The flames represent the intensity of this love, which burns unceasingly, while the thorns symbolize the pain and suffering He endured for the salvation of all. The pierced heart reveals Christ's willingness to bear the sins of the world. Devotion to the Sacred Heart encourages believers to reflect on the boundless love of Christ and to reciprocate that love in their own lives, fostering acts of compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness. It is a reminder of Christ's presence in our lives, offering solace, guidance, and hope, and it has inspired countless prayers, hymns, and works of art throughout Christian history. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a powerful symbol of divine love, offering comfort and inspiration to those who seek to deepen their faith and follow the teachings of Christ.

Figurine is made of cold cast resin and hand painted to add fine detail and a personal touch.

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