2.50" Rough Hollandite Quartz Point Cluster

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Dimensions: 2.50” Height x 2” Length

Weight: apprx: 69G

Hollandite Quartz
Keywords: Finding your path, visions, serendipity, healing, enhancing other quartzes
Element: Light
Chakras: All

The frequency of Hollandite Quartz connects to all the physical chakras and the Soul star chakra. It opens and clears the physical chakras so that “Light” energy is able to flow freely throughout one’s chakric system, increasing one’s vibrations, and thus enhancing one’s physical well being. The connection of this included Quartz to the Soul star chakra helps one to consciously be aware of, and awaken to, one’s soul or higher self. Thus aiding one so that one may move forward on one’s spiritual path aligned with one’s soul’s purpose for this lifetime. The energy of Hollandite Quartz allows one to be open to the energy of the higher dimensions and to align with higher vibrational energies, increasing one’s psychic senses and the ability to channel the higher dimensional vibrational energies into the third dimension.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Each stone may vary in color, shape, size and weight

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