Foo Dog Pair

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Dimensions: approx. 3"

The Foo Dog Pair, also known as Fu Lions or Guardian Lions, is a powerful and symbolic duo in Asian culture. These mythical creatures are often seen as stone statues guarding the entrances to temples, palaces, homes, and other important structures. The symbolism of the Foo Dog Pair is multifaceted. They are believed to protect against negative energy and evil spirits, serving as guardians of the space they adorn. One lion typically has its mouth open, representing the expulsion of negative forces, while the other has its mouth closed, symbolizing the preservation of positive energy. Together, they create a harmonious balance of protection and preservation. Additionally, the Foo Dog Pair signifies strength, courage, and dignity, making them a symbol of authority and power. Their presence exudes an aura of tranquility and reassurance, making them a revered and culturally rich emblem that continues to instill a sense of safety, harmony, and respect in the places they watch over.

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