Rough Orange Calcite

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Orange calcite is a vibrant and energizing variety of calcite known for its orange color. It is associated with various metaphysical properties and purposes. Here are some of the common purposes and benefits associated with orange calcite:

  1. Energy and Vitality Boost: Orange calcite is believed to energize and invigorate the physical body. It can help increase vitality, stamina, and motivation. Orange calcite is often used when one needs a boost of energy or when feeling lethargic or low on enthusiasm.

  2. Creativity and Inspiration: Orange calcite is associated with stimulating creativity and inspiring new ideas. It can enhance artistic expression, encourage innovative thinking, and boost creative endeavors. Orange calcite is often used by artists, writers, and individuals seeking to tap into their creative potential.

  3. Emotional Healing and Positivity: Orange calcite is thought to promote emotional healing and bring positivity into one's life. It is believed to uplift the mood, alleviate depression and anxiety, and promote a sense of joy and well-being. Orange calcite can be used to support emotional balance and cultivate a positive outlook.

  4. Sacral Chakra Activation: Orange calcite is commonly associated with the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity, passion, and emotional expression. It is believed to stimulate and balance the sacral chakra, promoting healthy emotional expression, passion, and a zest for life.

  5. Confidence and Self-Worth: Orange calcite is believed to boost self-confidence and self-worth. It can help alleviate self-doubt, encourage assertiveness, and promote a positive self-image. Orange calcite is often used by individuals seeking to enhance their self-esteem and step into their personal power.

  6. Energetic Cleansing and Clearing: Orange calcite is thought to have purifying properties. It is believed to help clear stagnant or negative energies from the environment and the energy field. Orange calcite can be used for energetic cleansing and to promote a sense of freshness and renewal.

Each order will come with one stone. These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. This information is for entertainment purposes only.

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