Wildberry Incense Sticks Variety Pack

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Includes (10) assorted sniffs for you to try out! Discover your new favorite smell!

1. King Cake: A delectable cinnamon sugar scent with notes of fresh churned butter, agave nectar, powdered sugar and vanilla bean (peach sparkle)

2. Fiesta Lime: A bright citrus fragrance with notes of sparkling lime, mandarin orange, ruby red grapefruit and grated ginger (aqua with sparkle tips)

3. Candy Cane: A classic candy cane mint fragrance with notes of camphor laurel, light citrus and smooth vanilla. (white tips)

4. Champa Flower:  An exotic floral with notes of rose, sweet herbs and fresh berries. Deeper notes include patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. Our version of the popular classic Nag Champa. (red tips)

5. Evergreen:  A bright woody fragrance with notes of pine needle, balsam fir, rosemary and cedarwood (green tips)

6. Gingerbread: A warm buttery gingerbread fragrance with notes of orange zest, molasses, clove spice, nutmeg and sweet vanilla. (brown tips)

7. Wake n Waffle: An indulgent essence of dried fruits and maple syrup infused into golden vanilla (white/brown tips)

8. Fizzy Pop: An effervescent splash of lemon lime soda fragrance. Bright sparkling notes includes energizing citrus, light orange flower and citronella (green sparkle)

9. Eclipse:  A darkly sensual floral blend with notes of bergamot, delicate lemon, white lilies, cedarwood and patchouli (black sparkle)

10. Musk: A rich musk fragrance with notes of tea rose and jasmine. (dark green)

Wild Berry Incense uses only the highest quality of fragrances and a proprietary ingredient to keep the fragrance smelling fresher, longer. It's unique formula ensures that it smells the same on the stick as it does in the jar. Wild Berry Incense has been lovingly hand-dipped since 1971.

Burn time is approximately 1 hour.

Length: 11 inches

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