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Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot Decks (FAQ's)

How many cards in a tarot deck?

There are 78 unique cards in a tarot deck, consisting of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards

What is the purpose of Tarot Cards?

Tarot card readings offer insights and guidance, helping people to reflect on their situations, explore possibilities, and make informed decisions

How do you Use Tarot Cards for the First Time?

Shuffle the tarot deck, infusing the cards with your energy. Cards are drawn and laid out in a spread, such as a three-card spread for past, present, and future insights. The reader interprets the cards based on their positions, traditional meanings, and the interaction between cards

How to Cleanse your Tarot Deck?

Light a fresh incense stick and let the smoke circle while you hold your deck of cards. While you do so, use affirmations such as “I wish to cleanse this deck of all of the energy that it holds in hopes of new beginnings

How do you Activate Tarot Cards?

Activating tarot cards is a process that helps to establish a personal connection with your deck, infuse it with your energy, and prepare it for use in readings. For more information, read our blog below

How to Activate Your Tarot Deck

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