Selenite Bowl w/ Stand

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Dimensions: 4" x 2.5"

Selenite bowls are used to charge and cleanse other stones or spiritual items. You can even store your crystal jewelry so they keep a constant charge. Selenite is self charging and is one of the only crystals that doesn't need to be charged. However, they do need to be cleansed from time to time (avoid using water for cleansing as Selenite is a soft stone). 

A selenite bowl can be a beautiful and practical tool for various purposes. Here's how you can use a selenite bowl:

  1. Crystal charging and cleansing: Selenite bowls are commonly used to charge and cleanse other crystals. You can place your crystals inside the bowl for a period of time, such as overnight or for a few hours. The selenite bowl will help purify and amplify the energy of the crystals, making them ready for use.

  2. Jewelry storage: Selenite bowls make an excellent storage option for your jewelry, particularly gemstone jewelry. The selenite's purifying energy can help clear any energetic residue from the jewelry, keeping it energetically clean and ready to wear.

  3. Ritual or altar use: Selenite bowls can be used as a focal point on your ritual or meditation altar. You can place small offerings, such as herbs, flowers, or crystals, inside the bowl to create a sacred space and imbue the items with the selenite's purifying energy.

  4. Decorative piece: Selenite bowls are also visually appealing and can be used as decorative pieces in your home or office. You can display the bowl on a shelf, table, or any other space to add a touch of beauty and a calming presence to the environment.

These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight .This information is for entertainment purposes only.

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