Labradorite Tear Drop Ring

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Material: Sterling Silver, adjustable

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A Labradorite ring is a captivating and mystical piece of jewelry that showcases the iridescent beauty of the labradorite gemstone. Labradorite is known for its unique play of colors, called labradorescence, which creates a mesmerizing display of vibrant hues as light reflects within the stone. This phenomenon gives labradorite an otherworldly and magical appearance. Wearing a Labradorite ring is believed to enhance one's intuition and psychic abilities. It is often associated with the third eye chakra, making it a stone of spiritual awakening and inner vision. Labradorite is thought to help in uncovering hidden truths and gaining deeper insights into oneself and the world around them. Beyond its spiritual attributes, the Labradorite ring is revered for its protective qualities. It is considered a powerful stone for shielding against negative energies and psychic attacks. Labradorite is believed to create a barrier of energy that deflects unwanted influences, making it a valuable talisman for those seeking energetic protection.

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