Black Sage Palo Santo Stick Pops

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Dimensions: 4", use for cleansing purposes

Palo Santo and Black Sage carry distinct symbolism in the realm of spiritual practices. Palo Santo, often known as "Holy Wood," is revered for its representation of purification, healing, and the sacred. Its fragrant smoke when burned is seen as a symbol of cleansing, both spiritually and physically, and it is believed to invite positive energies while dispelling negativity. Black Sage, in contrast, is associated with protection and grounding. It is believed to ward off negative forces and create a shield against unwanted energies, making it a symbol of strength and resilience. When used together, Palo Santo and Black Sage can be seen as a balanced combination of purification and protection, symbolizing the harmony of cleansing one's space or self while fortifying against harmful influences, reinforcing the importance of maintaining spiritual well-being and balance.

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