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Candle magick is when you use specific color candles in rituals or ceremonies to reach a special goal.

Dimensions: ½” x 4”, Burn Time: 2-2.5 hours, 100% Cotton Wicks, Unscented Palm Wax

Does not come with holder, sold separately 

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Black (Mystery): absorb negativity, banishment spells, absorb negative illness or stop bad habits, protection and reversing a hex or evil eye

Blue (Tranquility): represents water element, used for matters of communication and clarity, emotional healing, awaken the psychic mind, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity

Gold (Sun): personal power, wealth, enlightenment, calling on masculine power. Pertains to the Sun and is best to use on Sunday's to harness the energetic power

Green (Growth): associated with Mother Earth. Use this candle to call into your existence more abundance, financial gains, new growth, healing, and fertility

Grey (Complexity): Grey candle is used when dealing with complex situations, can naturalize negative influences without repercussions

Light Blue (Sincerity): Use this candle to speak the truth and receive clear communication from your spirit. Can also be used to channel calming energies

Orange (Courage): a good color to work with regarding creativity, attraction, stimulating energy and legal matters

Pink (Compassion): burn during rituals designed to improve self-love or improving emotional unions. Use in conjunction the earth, air, and water element

Purple (Divination): divination and calling upon spirits for help. Best to use at dawn or dusk for optimal power. Aids in astral projection and psychic vision

Red (Affection): Associated with love and seduction. Use to attract a new lover or add a little boost to your current romantic affairs

Silver (Moon Energy): Associated with the Moon and used to harness feminine energy, balance emotions, increase psychic ability, and intuition 

White (Purity): protection and purification. Used to enhance magick and to increase the strength of other spell candles

Yellow (Optimism): brings upon happiness, cheerfulness,  joy, works with the element of air to help with concentration, studying and help increase intelligence

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