Brass Ox Figurine

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Material: Brass, Dimensions: 2" x 3""

Placing an ox figurine in your home can be a meaningful and decorative addition, and the location depends on your personal preferences, intentions, and the feng shui principles you follow. Here are some ideas for where to place an ox figurine in your home:

  1. In the Wealth and Abundance Area: In feng shui, the southeast area of your home or a specific room is associated with wealth and abundance. Placing an ox figurine here can symbolize prosperity and financial stability.

  2. On a Desk or Workspace: If you want to enhance qualities like diligence, hard work, and determination, consider placing an ox figurine on your desk or workspace. This can serve as a reminder to stay focused and dedicated to your tasks.

  3. Near the Entrance: Placing an ox figurine near the entrance of your home can symbolize protection and security, as oxen are associated with strength and stability. This can be especially suitable if you want to create a welcoming and secure atmosphere.

  4. In the Family or Relationships Area: If you want to strengthen family bonds and relationships, consider placing an ox figurine in the family or relationships area of your home, typically located in the east or southwest.

  5. In a Garden or Outdoor Space: If you have an outdoor garden or patio area, you can place an ox figurine there to infuse the space with a sense of groundedness and stability.

  6. In Your Bedroom: An ox figurine in the bedroom can symbolize hard work, endurance, and reliability. It can be a reminder of these qualities as you start your day and as you prepare for rest at night.

  7. In the Career Area: If you're looking to advance your career or enhance your professional life, placing an ox figurine in the career area (north) of your home can represent determination and help you stay on track in your professional pursuits.

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