Goddess Brigid Figurine

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Approx Dims: 8"

Figurine made of cold cast resin and hand-painted to add a fine detail and a personal touch.

Goddess Brigid, a luminous figure in Celtic mythology, weaves a tapestry of symbolism that spans across the realms of fire, creativity, healing, and the cycles of life. As the embodiment of fire, she kindles the flame of inspiration and transformation, offering the warmth of protection and the spark of creative ingenuity. Her portrayal as the Triple Goddess reflects the cyclical nature of existence, guiding us through the phases of growth, nurturing, and wisdom. Brigid's connection to healing and wells invokes the restorative power of nature, while her patronage of craftsmanship celebrates human artistry and the magic of creation. With the onset of spring, she ushers in new beginnings, nurturing the land's fertility and renewing hope. Through her presence, Brigid also offers the wisdom of divination, inviting seekers to peer beyond the veil and tap into the depths of intuition. As a symbol of feminine strength, Brigid's multifaceted symbolism mirrors the complexity of life itself, inspiring us to embrace transformation, seek wisdom, and honor the interconnected threads of existence.

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