Clear Crystal Singing Pyramid

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Pyramid-6.5" x 6.5"

Comes with attached black ribbon to hold your triangle in place as you meditate.

Clear crystal singing pyramid is a distinctive sound healing instrument that combines the purity of quartz crystal with the geometric power of the pyramid shape. Crafted from high-quality quartz crystal, these pyramids emit resonant and melodious tones when played or struck. The crystal's inherent vibrational properties, coupled with the pyramid's sacred geometry, are believed to create harmonious sound waves that can positively influence the mind, body, and spirit. When activated, the clear crystal singing pyramid produces pure tones that are not only heard but also felt as vibrations, offering a multisensory experience. Many practitioners use clear crystal singing pyramids in meditation, energy healing sessions, and relaxation practices to induce a state of deep calm, promote chakra alignment, and facilitate a sense of balance and well-being. While the effects of crystal singing pyramids can vary from person to person, their use remains a captivating exploration of the potential connection between sound, energy, and inner harmony.

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