Silver Evil Eye Money Pot Tree

Sale price$29.99


Dimensions: 7.75" X 4" X 4"

The Evil Eye Money Pot combines two potent symbols, each with its own significance. The Evil Eye, a protective talisman against negative energy and envy, is often used to ward off ill-wishing and bring good luck and protection to its owner. When integrated into a Money Pot, it takes on a unique symbolism. This fusion suggests that not only is one safeguarded from harmful influences, but there's also an emphasis on preserving and multiplying wealth and prosperity. It conveys the idea that financial success should be shielded from envy and negative energies, allowing it to flourish and grow. The Evil Eye Money Pot serves as a reminder of the importance of not only accumulating wealth but also safeguarding and nurturing it in an environment of positivity and protection, ensuring a prosperous and secure future.

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