Silver Capped Tumbled Stone Necklace

Stone: Amethyst
Sale price$9.99


Dimensions: approximate 1", made on adjustable cord (slip knot closure)

Each stone is unique and can vary in size, shape, weight and color

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A silver-capped tumbled stone necklace exudes an elegant and earthy charm that effortlessly blends style and nature. Each carefully selected tumbled stone, adorned with a sterling silver cap, showcases the natural beauty and unique character of the gem. The silver cap not only adds a touch of sophistication but also securely cradles the stone, allowing it to dangle gracefully from a delicate chain. Whether you choose a shimmering amethyst, a calming aventurine, or a grounding clear quartz, this necklace is a versatile accessory that can complement both casual and formal attire. With its rustic yet refined aesthetic, the silver-capped tumbled stone necklace is a timeless piece that captures the essence of nature's beauty in a wearable work of art.

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