Mini Crystal Goddess Bodies

Crystal: Green Aventurine
Sale price$19.99


Dimensions: 1.5"


  1. Divine Feminine Energy: Crystal goddess bodies are often used as representations or embodiments of the divine feminine energy. They can be seen as symbols of feminine power, intuition, nurturing, and wisdom. Having a crystal goddess body in your space can help evoke and amplify these qualities.

  2. Sacred Altar or Shrine: Crystal goddess bodies can be placed on altars or sacred spaces dedicated to honoring the divine feminine. They can be part of rituals, ceremonies, or meditative practices focused on connecting with and honoring feminine energies, such as goddess worship, moon rituals, or fertility ceremonies.

  3. Healing and Balance: The presence of a crystal goddess body can help bring balance to feminine energies within oneself or a space. It can assist in healing aspects related to femininity, such as emotional wounds, self-love, nurturing, and intuition. Meditating or working with a crystal goddess body may promote a deeper connection with these aspects of oneself.

  4. Manifestation and Intention Setting: Crystal goddess bodies can be used as focal points for manifestation and intention setting practices. By imbuing the crystal with your intentions and desires, you can work with the energy of the goddess figure to amplify and support your manifestations related to feminine qualities, creativity, relationships, or personal growth.

  5. Spiritual Connection: Crystal goddess bodies can serve as tools for connecting with specific goddess archetypes or deities from various spiritual traditions. They can be used in devotion or prayer practices focused on specific goddesses, allowing for a deeper connection and attunement with their energy and guidance.

  6. Decorative and Aesthetic Purposes: Crystal goddess bodies are also appreciated for their beauty and artistic value. They can be displayed as decorative pieces in homes or sacred spaces, adding a touch of elegance and spiritual energy to the environment.

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