Healing Crystal Chips Straw

Crystal: Obsidian
Sale price$19.99


Dimensions: 12"

Crystal healing chips inside a glass straw to infuse any drink with good intentions and manifestations. These crystal straws draw and channel energy inward or outward to your drinks.

Water Manifestation Ritual:

As you fill your bottle with water, speak your intention as the water is pouring into it. Place the straw into the bottle and take at least 1 minute to silently meditate on your intention. As you drink each sip through the straw, remember to think about your intention in order to give it more power!

Rose Quartz: Love & Self

Amethyst: Peace & Tranquility

Obsidian: Grounding & Protection

Tiger Eye: Courage & Vitality

Blue Calcite: Psychic Ability & Mental Strength

Garnet: Comfort & Security

Sodalite: Communication & Intellect

Fluorite: Balance & Healing

Clear Quartz: Cleansing & Clearing

Citrine: Positive Energy & Positivity


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