Crystal Ritual Spoon

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Dimensions: 4.5"

Ritual tea spoons are beautiful little spoons that are perfect for tea time or to use as a ritual tool. Comes with an intentionally chosen healing crystal (each crystal will be different)

*No custom requests for this item

A crystal ritual spoon is a special spoon made from a crystal or adorned with crystals. It is often used in spiritual or ritual practices for various purposes. Here are some general guidelines on how to use a crystal ritual spoon:

  1. Cleanse and charge the spoon: Before using your crystal ritual spoon, it's important to cleanse and charge it to remove any previous energies and align it with your intention. You can cleanse the spoon by holding it under running water, smudging it with sage or palo santo smoke, or placing it on a selenite charging plate. Charge it by placing it in sunlight, moonlight, or with your personal energy.

  2. Set your intention: Hold the crystal ritual spoon in your hands and set your intention clearly and specifically. Focus your thoughts and energy on the purpose of your ritual or the specific task you want to perform with the spoon.

  3. Ritual application: The specific use of a crystal ritual spoon can vary depending on the purpose and tradition. Here are a few common applications:

    • Mixing ingredients: Use the crystal spoon for blending herbs, powders, or other ritual ingredients. For example, in spellwork or potion-making, you can use the spoon to mix herbs or create a sacred blend.

    • Anointing or applying substances: The spoon can be used to anoint oils, essences, or other substances onto objects, candles, or your body. Dip the spoon into the desired substance and gently apply or spread it as needed.

    • Symbolic representation: In some rituals, the spoon may have a symbolic purpose, such as representing the element of water or serving as a tool for offering or receiving. Use it accordingly in your ritual practice.

    • Energetic transfer: The crystal spoon can be used to transfer energy, blessings, or intentions from yourself or another source to an object or person. Visualize the energy flowing through the spoon as you transfer it.

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