Egyptian King & Queen Set

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Dimensions: 7" Height

The symbolism of the Egyptian King and Queen set is deeply rooted in the rich history and mythology of ancient Egypt. The King, often represented as the Pharaoh, embodies the earthly and temporal power of Egypt. He symbolizes authority, leadership, and the divine right to rule, reflecting the belief that the Pharaoh was a god on Earth. The scepter and crown he holds signify his dominion over the land and people.

On the other hand, the Queen, often represented as a regal figure, embodies the nurturing and protective aspects of Egyptian royalty. She symbolizes motherhood, fertility, and the caring influence that queens had on the Pharaoh and the nation. Her headdress often includes symbols of vultures or cobras, signifying her role as a protector. The union of the King and Queen in Egyptian mythology also represents the balance between male and female energies, essential for the harmony and prosperity of the kingdom.

Together, the Egyptian King and Queen set represents the idealized Egyptian royal partnership, where the Pharaoh ruled with strength and authority while the Queen provided support and stability, ensuring the continuity of the dynasty and the welfare of the people. This symbolism is not only a testament to the historical significance of ancient Egypt but also a reflection of the enduring fascination with its culture and mythology.

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