Soapstone Elephant Trinket Box

Sale price$15.99


Dimensions: 4" x 4"

Store your favorite trinkets with this natural soapstone box. Due to the natural oxidation of soapstone, colors may vary. This box can also be used to store any other magickal items such as crystals. The elephant holds profound symbolism across cultures and contexts, often representing qualities such as strength, wisdom, and loyalty. Their majestic presence and gentle demeanor make them a symbol of power that is tempered with compassion. In many Asian cultures, elephants are associated with good fortune, protection, and longevity. Their importance in religious contexts, particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism, highlights their spiritual significance as guardians and sources of inspiration. Elephants' strong family bonds and their role in nurturing and protecting their young have led to their association with familial love and unity. Their symbolism extends to patience and resilience, as they navigate their environment with deliberate steps and steady determination.

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