Golden Seal Root Powder

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Net Wt. 1oz (28g)

Golden seal root powder is a potent and versatile herb in magickal practices, symbolizing healing, purification, and protection. In the realm of spirituality and spellwork, golden seal root powder is often associated with its powerful medicinal properties, making it a valuable tool for rituals aimed at cleansing and purification. Its historical use by indigenous peoples for both healing and spiritual purposes aligns with its magickal symbolism of promoting overall well-being and spiritual clarity. Golden seal root is believed to possess strong protective energies, creating a shield against negative forces, both physical and metaphysical. It is often used to ward off negative energies, hexes, and unwanted influences. Additionally, its vibrant golden color corresponds with the solar plexus chakra, connecting it to confidence, personal power, and transformation. Whether utilized in incense, spells, or ritual baths, golden seal root powder provides a conduit for accessing its potent energies, guiding practitioners toward purification, protection, and a strengthened connection to their inner power and spiritual path.

Not for human/animal consumption

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