Green Onyx Crescent Moon Bowl

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Dimensions: 4"

A green onyx bowl serves both practical and metaphysical purposes. Here are a few common purposes of a green onyx bowl:

  1. Decorative piece: Green onyx bowls are often used as decorative pieces due to their beautiful, translucent green color and unique patterns. They can be displayed on shelves, tabletops, or any other surface to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to a space.

  2. Serving or holding items: Green onyx bowls can be used practically to serve or hold various items. Due to their durable nature, they can be used for serving snacks, fruits, or other small food items. They can also be used as catch-all bowls for keys, jewelry, or small trinkets.

  3. Energy and crystal work: Green onyx is believed to have metaphysical properties that can be harnessed for energy work or crystal healing. Some people use a green onyx bowl to charge, cleanse, or store other crystals. The bowl acts as a container for the crystals, allowing them to benefit from the green onyx's energetic properties.

  4. Ritual or altar use: Green onyx bowls can be incorporated into rituals or placed on altars. They can symbolize abundance, growth, and the energy of nature. They may be used for offerings, holding sacred items, or as a focal point during meditation or spiritual practices.

  5. Feng Shui: In Feng Shui, green is associated with growth, abundance, and vitality. A green onyx bowl can be used in Feng Shui practices to enhance the energy of a specific area or to invite prosperity and well-being into a space.

These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight. This information is for entertainment purposes only

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