Marshmallow Root Cut

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Weight: 1oz, 28g

Marshmallow root cut holds a revered place in magickal practices due to its soothing and protective qualities. In the realm of spirituality and spell work, marshmallow root is often associated with nurturing and healing, making it a valuable addition to rituals focused on emotional well-being and comfort. Its soft and gentle nature mirrors its magickal symbolism of soothing discordant energies and promoting emotional balance. Marshmallow root is believed to foster a sense of grounding and connection to the earth, making it useful for grounding rituals or meditations. As a symbol of protection and resilience, marshmallow root cut can be incorporated into rituals that involve shielding oneself from negativity or adverse influences. Ultimately, marshmallow root's magickal significance lies in its capacity to offer comfort, protection, and harmony, creating a nurturing space for both inner and outer transformation

Not for human/animal consumption

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