Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone

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Polychrome Jasper, also known as Desert Jasper or Royal Savannah Jasper, is a beautiful and vibrant multi-colored stone with unique patterns and swirls. It is a variety of Jasper and is associated with various metaphysical properties. While the purpose and meaning of Polychrome Jasper can vary from person to person, here are some common associations:

  1. Nurturing and Grounding: Polychrome Jasper is often regarded as a nurturing and grounding stone. It is believed to provide a sense of stability, support, and connection to the Earth. Polychrome Jasper can assist in bringing a calming and comforting energy, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  2. Vitality and Energy Boost: Polychrome Jasper is associated with boosting vitality and energizing the body. It is believed to promote physical stamina, endurance, and overall vitality. Polychrome Jasper's vibrant energy can invigorate and inspire a zest for life.

  3. Emotional Healing and Stability: Polychrome Jasper is thought to support emotional healing and stability. It is believed to help release emotional blockages, past traumas, and negative emotions. Polychrome Jasper can promote a sense of emotional balance, self-acceptance, and inner strength.

  4. Creativity and Passion: Polychrome Jasper is often associated with enhancing creativity and passion. It is believed to stimulate the creative flow, inspire new ideas, and ignite enthusiasm. Polychrome Jasper can assist in expressing one's unique talents and bringing forth creative endeavors.

  5. Spiritual Growth and Transformation: Polychrome Jasper is thought to support spiritual growth and transformation. It is believed to enhance spiritual insight, intuition, and connection to higher realms. Polychrome Jasper can aid in spiritual exploration, meditation, and accessing ancient wisdom.

Each stone is unique and can vary in size, shape, weight and color. Each order comes with one stone

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