Satya Backflow Nag Champa Incense Cones

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Backflow Cones are specially designed cones with traditional herbs & resins, that create a thicker smoke that cascades down from the cone rather than rising like a traditional incense cone.

Nag Champa is a popular incense fragrance that originated in India. It is widely recognized for its distinctive aroma, which is a blend of various natural ingredients, including sandalwood and frangipani, along with other floral and herbal extracts. The name "Nag Champa" is derived from two primary components:

  1. Nag: Referring to the Indian name for the "cobra" snake, as the fragrance is believed to be reminiscent of the scent of the cobra's favorite flowers.
  2. Champa: Referring to the Champa flower, scientifically known as Plumeria, which is one of the key ingredients in the incense blend.

Nag Champa incense is commonly used in religious and spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, and for creating a calming and pleasant atmosphere. The fragrance has gained popularity worldwide and is often associated with spiritual and new age practices due to its soothing and exotic aroma. Over time, numerous variations and brands of Nag Champa incense have emerged, but the classic fragrance remains one of the most beloved scents in the incense world.

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