Smudge Lites Votive Candle

Scent: Dragon's Blood
Sale price$5.99


Dimensions: 3" x 2", 3.5oz /100g

Infused with real white sage and essential oils. For centuries "smudging" has been used for spiritual clearing, protection and blessings. Now this ancient practice can be enjoyed with our convenient smudge votive candles!

Palo Santo: Traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and stress. It's also used to clear out negative energy.

Dragons Blood: Neutralizes negative energies. Dragon's Blood Sage is used for protection and cleansing. It can also be used for love, sexuality, and healing.

Lavender: Lavender brings a positive energy, opens the heart chakra and calms the mind. Use this sage for energy cleansing, to remove negative energy and ritual ceremonies

White Sage: Used to purify energies in a home, spiritual space, objects, or people. Sage is used to purify energies in a home, spiritual space, objects, or people. 

Eucalyptus: Smudging with eucalyptus is for protection, health boosting as well as being energizing for cleansings.

7 Chakras: re-balance, re-align and cleanse all your chakra energy fields

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