Triple Moon Cat Coaster Set

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Comes in set of 4 

Dimensions: 4" X 4" 

The symbolism of the black cat resonates with a complex tapestry of cultural beliefs, historical superstitions, and mystical allure. Often embodying mystery and magic, these feline creatures evoke a sense of enigmatic elegance with their sleek, obsidian coats. While their symbolism varies across cultures and time periods, certain themes stand out. Their status as both symbols of good luck and omens of bad luck illustrates their dualistic nature, encapsulating the yin and yang of life's contrasting forces. Linked to witchcraft and the supernatural, black cats have been seen as both familiars and protectors, serving as guides to the realms of magic and guardians against malevolent energies. In ancient Egypt, they were revered as symbols of rebirth and transformation, connecting them to cycles of life and death. While their significance has evolved over centuries, the black cat's symbolism endures as a testament to the intricate interplay between our perceptions, beliefs, and the natural world.

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