Vatican Gold Resin Incense

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Use: purification prior to rituals 

Instructions: Light the charcoal and place it in your bowl or caldron. Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up. Add resin, herbs, or powder incense and enjoy!

When using chakra resin incense, you can burn them on charcoal discs, specialized incense burners, or resin burners. As you burn the incense, focus on balancing and aligning each chakra, visualizing the energy flowing smoothly through your body.

Contents: 1oz of handcrafted resin incense

Gold resin holds significant symbolism within the context of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. This precious substance represents purity, divinity, and the enduring presence of God in the faith. In religious ceremonies and artwork, gold resin is often used to highlight the sacred and the divine. It is associated with the incorruptible nature of God's love and the unchanging truths of the Catholic faith. The use of gold resin also connects to the concept of spiritual wealth, emphasizing the eternal treasures of the soul over material possessions. Furthermore, the shimmering quality of gold resin is seen as a metaphor for the illumination of faith, casting a divine light on the Church's teachings and the path to salvation. In essence, gold resin serves as a symbol of the timeless and transcendent nature of the Catholic faith, its values, and the divine presence it embodies

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