Wire Wrappeed Crystal Pyramid

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Dimensions: 2"

Crystal pyramids are used in various metaphysical practices for their unique energy and properties.

  1. Crystal pyramids can be placed in a room or space to enhance the overall energy and promote a harmonious environment.

  2. Meditating with a crystal pyramid can help focus your intentions and amplify the energy during your practice.

  3. Crystal pyramids are often used in energy healing sessions to direct and balance energy flow within the body.

  4. Placing a crystal pyramid on specific areas of the body, such as chakras, can assist in clearing blockages and promoting energetic balance.

  5. Some people believe that crystal pyramids can enhance manifestation and goal-setting by amplifying intentions and aligning them with the universal energy.

  6. Crystal pyramids can be used as tools for scrying or divination, with the apex acting as a focal point for receiving intuitive insights and guidance.

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