Wire Wrappeed Crystal Star of David/Moon

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Dimensions: 3" x 4" (approximate)

The Star of David, also known as the Shield of David or Magen David, is a six-pointed star symbol that holds significant cultural and religious symbolism primarily within Judaism. Here are some common symbolic meanings associated with the Star of David:

  1. Jewish Identity: The Star of David is one of the most recognized symbols of Jewish identity and Judaism as a whole. It serves as a representation of Jewish heritage, culture, and the Jewish people.

  2. Unity and Connection: The two overlapping triangles in the Star of David are often interpreted as a symbol of unity and connection. The upward-pointing triangle is associated with the divine or spiritual realm, while the downward-pointing triangle represents humanity. The combination of these two triangles signifies the harmonious connection between the divine and human.

  3. Protection and Divine Presence: The Star of David is seen as a symbol of divine protection. It is believed to invoke the presence and guidance of God. Historically, the Star of David has been associated with protection from spiritual and physical harm.

  4. Balance and Harmony: The interlocking triangles in the Star of David represent balance and harmony. The upward and downward triangles symbolize the integration and balance of different forces or aspects, such as male and female, heaven and earth, or spiritual and physical realms.

  5. Jewish Faith and Tradition: The Star of David is often associated with Jewish faith and tradition. It can symbolize the core principles and values of Judaism, including the pursuit of knowledge, ethical behavior, and the importance of community and social justice.

  6. Jewish History and Remembrance: The Star of David has been used throughout Jewish history as a symbol of Jewish identity and resilience. It is connected to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Jewish people and serves as a reminder of the struggles, triumphs, and perseverance of the Jewish community.

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