Worry Doll

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Dimensions: 2", handmade

Worry dolls, also known as trouble dolls or anxiety dolls, hold a rich symbolism rooted in Central American and indigenous Guatemalan cultures. These tiny, handcrafted figurines, traditionally made from scraps of fabric and materials, are believed to possess the power to alleviate worries and anxieties. The symbolism of worry dolls lies in their role as spiritual allies and listeners. The tradition involves sharing one's concerns or fears with the dolls before bedtime, placing them under one's pillow, and allowing them to take away the worries during the night, bringing comfort and peace. In this way, worry dolls symbolize the act of unburdening oneself and transferring the weight of anxieties to these small, empathetic companions. They serve as a reminder of the therapeutic power of expressing and sharing one's troubles, as well as the importance of seeking support and reassurance in times of distress. Worry dolls embody the idea that by acknowledging and addressing our worries, we can find solace and ease our troubled minds.

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