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Crystals have been revered for their unique energetic properties and their ability to enhance our well-being. But did you know that crystals also need to be recharged from time to time? One effective method for recharging crystals is by using a selenite charging plate. In this blog post, we will explore the wonders of selenite and guide you through the process of using a selenite charging plate to revitalize your crystals.


Selenite Charging Plate



What is Selenite?

Selenite is a beautiful and translucent crystal with a unique composition of gypsum. It is known for its ethereal glow and its ability to cleanse and purify energy. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra, making it an ideal crystal for spiritual growth and connection. Its high vibrational energy helps clear stagnant energy and restores harmony to crystals and other objects.

Selenite is prized for its powerful cleansing and purifying properties. It is believed to have the ability to clear negative energies from a space, person, or other crystals, making it an essential component in many spiritual tool kits. Unlike other crystals, selenite doesn't need to be cleansed itself; instead, it continuously radiates a high vibration that can help raise the energy of its surroundings. Practitioners often use selenite to enhance mental clarity, aid in meditation, and connect with higher realms of consciousness. Whether used in a crystal grid, placed in a room, or employed in personal energy work, selenite's soothing and uplifting presence offers a sense of peace and spiritual illumination

Tumbled Selenite for Cleansing & Charging



Selecting a Selenite Charging Plate

When choosing a selenite charging plate, look for a piece that resonates with you and your intentions. Selenite charging plates come in various shapes and sizes, so pick one that suits your needs. Whether it's a small plate for individual crystals or a larger one to accommodate multiple stones, ensure it has a smooth and even surface to place your crystals on.



Hexagon Selenite Charging Plate




Cleansing Your Selenite Plate

Before using your selenite charging plate, it's important to cleanse and purify it. You can do this by smudging it with white sage or palo santo, passing it through the smoke to clear any residual energy. Alternatively, you can place your selenite plate in direct moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, allowing it to absorb the revitalizing energy.


Preparing Your Crystals

To optimize the charging process, cleanse your crystals beforehand. You can cleanse them by running them under cool water, smudging them, or burying them in a bowl of salt for a few hours. This ensures that any negative or stagnant energies are removed, allowing your crystals to receive the full benefits of the selenite charging plate.


Charging Your Crystals

Place your cleansed crystals on the selenite charging plate, arranging them in a way that feels intuitive to you. Allow them to sit undisturbed for at least a few hours or overnight, depending on the intensity of the energy your crystals require. During this time, the selenite plate will infuse your crystals with its high-frequency vibrations, recharging and revitalizing them.


Crescent Moon Selenite Charging Plate

Setting Intentions

As you position your crystals on the selenite plate, set your intentions for their charging process. Visualize and affirm the energy you want them to absorb. This step helps align your own energy with that of the crystals, enhancing the effectiveness of the charging process.

 Selenite charging plates are powerful tools for revitalizing and re-energizing your crystals. By utilizing the unique properties of selenite and following the steps outlined in this blog, you can enhance the vibrational energy of your crystals, making them more effective in supporting your intentions and well-being. Remember, caring for your crystals and ensuring they receive regular recharging is a beautiful way to maintain a harmonious connection with these natural wonders.

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